Black & Peat Mix (50/50)

This is a heavier soil mix which is good for under sod. The mixture is made up of black soil and peat screened together.


75/25 Mix

This is our heaviest soil mixture, which is good for under sod and around foundations. It is also good for building up low-lying areas.


3-way Mix

This mix helps loosen existing hard soil and rejuvenating existing grass. This soil is not recommended for seeding or starting new gardens because it does not contain black soil.


Sand Mix (4-way mix)

This soil is great for flower beds, gardens, seeding grass and provides good drainage. This soil is crushed and screened together so it is fairly light.


5-way Mix

This soil is great for flower beds and is very sandy.



A mushroom compost made up of straw and chicken manure good to be mixed in with soil.



Used in soil mixes, to help retain moisture in the soil when seeding.



Yellow clay fill is good for back filling large areas to build up low-lying areas. Screenings are balls of top soil that are screened out of the good top soil. It is comprised of our sand mix but also has small rocks and sticks in it. It is good for building up land but not used as top layer. Both screenings and fill are difficult to work with and it is recommended to have power machines when working with them.





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